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Monday, March 23, 2015

11 Weeks Out. Perfect 6 pack...underneath gargantuan flabs...

Yea, new goals.

Im competing.

13th June 2015

Waistline is hovering around 41 inches. Target is 30 11 weeks. WTF.

Have I done it before? Thrice. 2006,2007 and 2008.

But then I was a small kid man.

Im fuckin 35 now.


Photoshop ? Nah....might get me some girls off facebook but...... wont help on stage.

Liposuction? Thats scary shit...and it might even suck the muscle out perhaps? :-p

Steroids? Now who doesnt love a short cut? But nope. They've got dope testing. Its a natural competition.

Im a man who stands for ethics and values, but for the right price, Im up for sale B-)

So what am I gonna do with this air bag installed on my waist?

In spite of being a safety cushion in car accidents, Im gonna give it up. Im changing my rep range and going heavy.

It's not all about a 6 pack. I need a 6 pack with some killer muscle mass.....WTF...

Like my great grand ma said, Go Heavy or Go Home.

Weighing 105.2 kg as of March 22nd.


Monday, January 20, 2014

10 Day Sprint

I'm doing a 10 day "Lifting Sprint".

I'm deadlifting well, 6 pack is beginning to show, I still eat a few nasty snacks in the day, life is good.

I've gained immense definition on upper back and arms, thanks to weighted dips, i strongly recommend the same to all.

Erection is rock solid, owing to high intensity cardio, heart rate above 160.

Protein intake around 180g, getting my essential fatty acids, keeping carbs in check, things are good.

Still got some loose gut, but fuck that...mofukka's been shrinkin anyway....

Here's what I'm gonna do.

Im gonna just go motherfuckin full throttle for 10 days. For Fun.

Deadline: Feb 1st 2014
Measurement Metric: Break the gym.
Waistline goal: None
Body Weight goal: None
Intensity Metric: Die in every session, 60 minutes.
Weights Metric: Lift enough to make the earth sink
Cardio: Sprint like I've got a rottweiler my ex-wife on my tail

Feb 1st. Here I come :-)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fat loss aint for me.

My waistline is at 41 inches.

I don't care.

I give up.

I don't want a 6 pack.

I don't like the drill to get to a 6 pack. I'm getting laid anyway. So why the pursuit? Fuck it.

I love McDonalds.

I like KFC.

I love Raffaello

Goal setting is boring.

Fat loss is boring.

Im a enjoy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

14 days to a 6 pack

I am the strongest I have been in 33 years.

I have broken my Bench, Dead & Leg press record week after week.

This aint stopping. So I'm gonna go easy on the weights now.

Im taking my hormone optimization to a whole new level.

This is the beginning of a 14 day shredder plan that includes hiking up my testosterone levels naturally to gargantuan levels.

Food tastes shit, I can outeat an elephant when it comes to grass...

Chewing on chlorophyll is like chewing cardboard, and God knows, I prefer cardboard.

I was weighing 101.6kg yesterday, waistline hovering at 39.9 inches.

Today is Day 2.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Race to a 6 Pack

The stubborn belly fat is not going to disappear unless we take some drastic measures.

I have hiked up my weights and tweaked my cardio.

I took a before pic yesterday and was weighing 102.6 kg.

Today I'm at 101.6 kg.

Things look good.

Heading to the gym to blast my shoulders.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Overall Fat Loss

Belly fat on lower abs is bloody stubborn. The upper 6 pack is beginning to show, but the waistline is burning at a terribly slow rate at 0.2 inches every 2 days.

This is irritating, but you know what? Fuck it.

I don't give a fuck about the abs, that's how I got this far anyway.

One of the cleaners that I frequently ran into at Fitness First in batuta mall used to say, "Sir, you train so often, but still your gut stickin out, whats up with that?"

I said, " Well you keep your eye on the gut brah, and don't you ever forget that "

I bumped into him a coupla days ago, almost 8 weeks later, he looked at me and said, " Hello Sir, How can I help you...."

My weight has plateaued at 101.6 kg, but people don't recognize me no more. I've burnt fat off my face, upper abs, glutes and quads.

Perhaps its the muscle weight tipping the scales? Should I check the fat %? Well fuck that. Like my trainer Darren Smith said, " Ejaz, don't go by some machine, just go by the mirror mate."

The 6 pack should be visible, not in the mirror, but even in a Shadow on the wall, while throwing a side pose.

So I am just doing what I do best, Lift, Eat, Hustle, Sleep, Repeat.

Deadlifts are at a 100 kg now. Barbell rows at the same as well.

Target waist line is 31 inches. 8.6 inches to go. Another 8 weeks perhaps?

We'll see.

No Gut, Know Glory !

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Closer to a 6 pack

Fat loss is looking good.

After 5 years, I have finally broken the 40 inch barrier.

Waistline now at 39.6

One arm rows at 50 kg for 15 reps

Leg pressing the lighter 640 kg, a drop from the usual 720 kg, as the current gym cannot accommodate enough plates.

Although I am still super fat, 6 pack is gaining formation.

Muscle striations are beginning to show on quads, upper lats and calves, thanks to truck loads of protein intake.

Lower back, hams and outer chest still lacking. Gonna increase weights and reps.

I should be burning at least one more inch off my waistline in the next 7 days.

Training is very difficult, no energy.

Looking forward to cheat day on Friday.